Samer Almasri

Senior Software Engineer

About me

I'm a software engineer passionate about building user-centric solutions through the latest technology and smart automation. My experience includes engineering an AI platform with over eight interconnected microservices and leading a project that grabbed IBM stakeholder interest for acquisition within just four months.

Driven to produce clean, sustainable code, I'm a top code contributor in my team known for my clear documentation and effective team leadership. As a certified coach, I foster a team culture of learning and inclusivity.


Software Architecture
Test-Drivern Development
Technical Documentation
Code Review & Feedback
Cross-Functional Teams
Agile Development
Team Building & Mentorship


University of Alberta

M.S. in Computer Science

Thesis: Static vs dynamic polymorphism in C++

American University of Beirut

B.S. in Computer Science

5+ Years of Experience

  • Senior Software Engineer

    IBM - Hyper Blue AI

    Mar 2023 - Present

    • Leading a team of 5 members to deliver AI-integrated products from scratch

    • Implemented a chatbot that uses retrieval augmented generation (RAG) with open source LLMs such as GPT-NeoXT, Flan T5, and StarCoder

    • Infused generative AI in products to perform various tasks including intent classification, inappropriate message filtering, generating code, and summarizing documents

  • Software Engineer

    IBM - Conveyor AI

    Jul 2021 - Mar 2023

    • Built an AI platform that allows developers to build AI applications swiftly by connecting agents together

    • Designed and implemented 10+ RESTful API endpoints using Typescript and protobuf/gRPC

    • Implemented 15+ backend and frontend features with NodeJS, Typescript, Next.js, MobX, and PostgreSql

  • Software Developer

    IBM - Runtimes

    Jan 2019 - Jul 2021

    • Developed benchmarks to collect Java performance across 8 platforms

    • Built helper tools with Python for data processing

    • Analyzed Java and C implementations to deliver optimizations (up to 80%) and bug fixes

  • Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Student


    Aug 2017 - Dec 2018

    • Built a C++ static analysis tool that analyzes a large project (170,000 LOC)

    • Automated the refactoring of 855 functions to increase readability performance degradation

    • Showcased the benefits of implementing dynamic polymorphism to facilitate development in large-scale C++ projects